What videos drive sales?

James Bacarro

June 2, 2022

This book is one of the best resources I’ve found about videos that actually help you sell more: “The Visual Sale” by Marcus Sheridan and Tyler Lessard.

Here are 6 videos that will immediately impact sales and closing rates according to the book:

Video 1: The 80% Video

Sales teams get asked exactly the same 70-90% of questions from call to call. If you turn these questions into videos, you will shorten the sales process – closing deals faster.


Video 2: Employee Bio Videos for Email Signatures

  • It explains what the person does for the company & why they chose this profession
  • It also gives a little bit of personal information about what they do when they’re not at work


Video 3: Product and Service Fit Videos

Who is the product or service NOT for?


Video 4: Cost & Pricing Videos

  • Address the factors that drive the cost
  • Discuss the marketplace – why are others cheap/expensive?
  • Why does your product/service cost what it costs?


Video 5: Customer Journey Videos

Follow the principle of the “hero’s journey”.

Customer problem -> Journey to fix the problem -> How they fixed the problem with your solution.


Video 6: “Claims We Make” Videos

“We are the best ___”

“We have the most ___”

Claims such as these are just noise… until someone shows them to be true (on video).


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