Ways to Read More Books

James Bacarro

June 2, 2022

We know the value of consistent reading & learning.

But finding time to read books can often be an uphill battle.

What has been working for me is to make these books readily accessible.

I place books in different locations & I got a personal label for each of them:


Label #1: The Sh*t Book

The book I grab when I take a dump.


Inside the toilet room, or

On the shelf, before entering the bathroom

Label #2: Work Desk Book

The book that’s easy to grab when taking a quick break from work.

Label #3: Dinning Book

The book I can grab after a nice meal.

Label #4: Bedside Book

This is my Kindle e-reader.

It’s best for when the room lights are out (when my wife’s asleep).

The front light system is gentle on the eyes.

You get the drill. Having books in places where I spend time on makes them easy to grab.

How do you find time reading books? Share your thoughts.


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