The Eventual Millionaire – by Jaime Tardy

Chapter 1: Are You an Eventual Millionaire?
I think everyone who wants to contribute more to the world should have a goal to be a millionaire, not for the money, but for five benefits:
1. More millionaires with morals
2. A comfortable retirement
3. Grow your mindset
4. Achievement
5. You have more to give

Chapter 2: Start Working with the Money You Have Now
But in the background I was always working on an entrepreneurial business.”

“My experience is that somebody who is valuing stuff over experience is trying to fill a hole in their lives. You have to identify that hole, and you have to understand it. I think anybody that’s walked that path knows that stuff does not buy happiness.

Principle 1: Buy Experiences Instead of Things
Principle 2: Help Others Instead of Yourself

Chapter 3: Millionaires Have Fears, Make Excuses, and Have Confidence Issues
Our amygdala, which is close to the middle of our brain, deals with our emotions and fear. Our prefrontal cortex, which is right behind the forehead, deals with all the planning and the decision making. The funny thing is that they don’t talk well to each other.

‘Life presents us constantly with a choice between safety and risk’ and he said, ‘Make the growth choice a thousand times a day.’

People reject something they fear or don’t understand. What I have learned is to take away people’s excuses or let them give you any excuse, because I found out that if it’s an excuse, any excuse will do. In other words, they’re just looking for a reason to validate why they don’t want to do anything.—Brig Hart, Network Marketer and Founder, R3Global

Please know that no matter what happens in the scope of the universe, none of this matters, and the time will pass whether you are doing everything you want in life or not.

Chapter 4: Finding and Evaluating Your Ideas for Your New Business

The best ideas come from a need, not from your passion.

The best attempt is to match your skills (not passion) with a need in the market.

If you want to build a lasting sustainable profitable brand, you need to kind of make sure from the very first day those things that you put into your brand actually aligns with who you are as a person.

What if you decided to spend four years failing over and over again at business? You would get a better education, and it would probably be cheaper than $ 35,000 a year for college!

Get Your Right Idea in Four Steps

Working Insanely and Selling for a Big Payout

Creating a Lifestyle Business from the Start

Let me be clear, you won’t know exactly what you want until you try many things. You probably know what you don’t want right now. But that is only a small slice of what you don’t want. It’s hard to know

What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?

One should always start with some sort of visual picture or flowchart or even a few power point pictures. Show what you are trying to create and then get that in front of three or four trusted advisors to get feedback.

So I think verbalizing your ideas and going to trusted individuals, mentors, people that you want to be mentors, you have to verbalize and talk about what you want to do.

“Often I see with early stage companies that there is a pain, and the entrepreneur has designed a product or service to solve the pain, but the potential customers just don’t care if the pain is solved or not.

Value isn’t objective. It is subjective on the opinions of others, not you.

I’ve realized there is no correlation between how I feel about something I create and what the response is in the market.

Get Your Right Idea in Four Steps

Chapter 5: Mentors, Masterminds, and Networking

Sometimes it’s just an outside perspective you need because a lot of times we overcriticize ourselves and give ourselves a hard time or we make ourselves innately a little bit more lazy.

“Hey my name is Aaron. I am an entrepreneur aspiring. I’m not successful yet but I want to be. Clearly by this car you’re successful. Can I buy you a cup of coffee so I can ask you questions and learn from you?”

“I’m a huge fan of your books and, this one changed the way I think.” Question number two or sentence two, a simple direct question like “I have one question— Do you feel that a business should split into multiple parts once it gets over 50 employees or do you feel that that was just in your case only? Any reply appreciated. Thank you.”

Chapter 6: Long Business Plans Are for Banks

Yes. We wrote it on a paper table cloth in an Italian restaurant. It contained our name, our mission, vision, services, target customers, and values. Very simple.

You cannot predict or plan on things one year or five years out with that much degree of certainty.

Legend for the Square Business Plan

Think of financial metrics as a scorecard of the game called entrepreneurship.

Sales Pitch Template
1. Get comfortable.
2. Ask questions, find out what they need.
Questions like: What isn’t working well right now? What are you doing to fix the problem? What have you done in the past to fix it, and did
it work? Tell me more about that. What is that costing you (in time or money)? 3. Use that information to dollarize, and find a win- win situation.
4. Ask them to buy.

Ways to ask for the sale: Would it make sense to work together? Or, Are you interested in moving forward on this?
Step 1: Look at competitors in your industry.
Chat with your avatar to learn where they find other companies like yours.
Step 2: Look for current possible strategies that might work for your industry.
Step 3: Choose the most likely options.
Step 4: Marketing test strategy.

Chapter 7: Your Success Is a Series of Small Wins

What does your heart think? What does your gut think?

I think the goal should be to make the world a better place, increase people’s creativity or productivity and I think that making a million dollars is a natural outcome of successfully

Don’t focus on the reward, focus on the goal.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

You only want to work off what you can actually achieve within a confined time frame, otherwise you drop into overwhelm.
Micro-, then mini-, then short-, medium-, and long- term and if you don’t do the daily things you’re certainly not going to hit your short- term goals.

Don’t focus on the big problem; focus on just the next step, because it’s sort of like eating an elephant— just one bite at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed by the entire goal, just look at the very next step, because success is a series of steps. It’s not one big concept or one big great idea, at least not in my world, and it hasn’t been one great idea, it has been a series to- dos and intense focus.

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