Project-Specific Presentation Design

Close more deals with a tailored presentation that meets your client’s needs.

From Complex to Simple

Visual clarity is a crucial part in landing that project. Let’s break your complex material down to easy-to-consume visuals.

From Generic to Personal

Personalize your presentation by showing your clients’ challenges visually. They’ll appreciate the effort, for sure.

From Bullet Points to
Step-by-Step Visuals

Why use texts to show your process when you can present them with customized graphics?

Have you often thought,
“My slides would be easier to explain and I would have a higher chance of closing this bid if I have better visuals for our unique solutions!”

How can I help?

Custom 3D/2D Illustration

  • Showcase your unique solution to client’s unique problems
  • Add step by step animation on every click (of your presentation). Then explain what’s happening in each step.

From CAD to Simplified Graphics

Almost always, CAD drawings take a huge brain bandwidth to process. Make your presentation easier to consume. Your clients will appreciate it.

About Me

James Bacarro

I’m a Multimedia Designer who’s helped Sales Teams win high-level projects for the past 7 years through visual storytelling.

Let me help you land more deals.