Providing Some Comfort to Creators Who are Uncomfortable In Front of a Camera

James Bacarro

June 1, 2022

For over 15 years of making videos, I’m rarely in front of the camera. I’m most comfortable behind the lens. This post is also for me.

Earlier today, I put a camera in front of a brilliant guy who I’ve known for years as a great, very charismatic seminar speaker. I was interviewing him for a video series I’m working on. I thought this session would wrap up in 10 minutes.

But for the first 30 minutes, he was writing notes about what to say.

“Knowing you as a very eloquent speaker, I’m amazed at how much you actually prepare”, I told him.

His response surprised me. He mentioned that his comfort zone was speaking in front of an audience – being able to read the room. Facing the camera was a different league for him.

Sure enough, he was noticeably uncomfortable on our first few takes.

We all start somewhere, regardless of status or confidence level.

I recall interviewing someone who after filling up my entire SD card with retakes, still didn’t have a good enough clip. I had to delete the first few recordings to free up some space.

Another interviewee who looked shy delivered a flawless message in a single take.

Personally, the Zoom session (camera on) during the pandemic helped take out a lot of the anxiety.

How about you? How do you deal with being anxious in front of the cam?


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