No Pressure: A Lesson My Daughter Taught Me

James Bacarro

June 1, 2022

“Do you want me to push you harder?”

I asked my 4 y.o. daughter as I pushed her while on a swing.

“No, please..”

That was her response while looking at the other kids next to her swinging much higher.

No pressure.

She’s taking her time. At her own pace. When she’s ready, she’ll swing higher.

It’s so easy to look at others & compare one’s status.

  • Her tweets have more likes & comments
  • He got a bigger house (or any material stuff)!
  • They’re so well-traveled
  • She’s published her book, while I struggle with my daily essays

To each their own.

“No pressure”, I remind myself.

It’s the journey, not the destination. Focus on the process & the results will follow. When the time is right.. (And insert any other related quote here :P)

(Now all I can think of is the song “Surface Pressure” from Encanto movie)




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