Effortless Reading – by Vu Tran

..reading one idea, in one book, at the right time, in the proper context, has a much greater impact than reading ten books at an unrelated time.

Do I stop reading a book once it has fulfilled my curiosity? Do I stop once the book has answered my question? If not, why?

Competent readers never let their minds fall into the default mode. They read with purpose and intention.

The first step is to ask: What is my end goal in reading this book?

Start by reading the book jacket. Learn more about the author and unblock your authority bias.

Next, read the table of contents. Read the introduction and skim through the first chapter. Then figure out which chapter will most likely fulfill what you are trying to acquire.

Not having any reading activity is unwise. But reading the wrong book is even worse.


Different people are at different stages (of wealth creation) and have different strengths, thus different needs. One piece of advice can be a lifesaver for one person but useless for another. Reading books operates the same way. One book can be life-changing for one person but offer nothing to other people in different situations.

You may be a practical type of person, who would like to have a plan fully laid out before taking any action.

Similarly, you should focus on professional and technical books when you are a junior in a company. Only start learning about teamwork or persuasion after you reach a senior position.

The One Thing, by Gary Keller after finishing this book.

“Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet.”
Don’t be afraid to stop reading a book that you don’t feel strongly about and start spending more time reading repeatedly the best books you have.

..classics, how-to, “tactics” books, and autobiographies and biographies.

After each reading, you need to give yourself time to put that knowledge into use.
learner needs a much better way to navigate in this new world of rich information networks, to grab the most relevant and useful information for their needs. Otherwise, they will get lost in such a large amount of available information.

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