One Super Easy Marketing Message Framework Beginner Marketers Can Use (So That They Don’t Sound like a Newbie)

James Bacarro

June 1, 2022

“Hey, have you seen our new super cool product? Here’s the list of awesome features: (bullet items)… do you want to buy now?”

If all you do is talk about yourself on the first date, chances are, you won’t get a second date.

Try this framework instead:


  1. Talk about the customer’s problem. This serves as your hook.
  2. Then you can talk about the solution you provide. Focus on how your solution benefits them rather than the features.
  3. Call to Action (CTA): What do you want your customers to do as a next step?

It’s so simple. It’s the framework I’ve used over the past 9 years as a B2B marketer. And it works in any medium: video, email, webpage copy, social, etc.

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