Don’t Sell Me, Tell Me – by Greg Koorhan

With enough money, a business can get in front of almost any consumer. The problem has become how to get them to pay attention.

The job of effective marketing has always been to create the right message for the right audience, and deliver it through the right medium at the right time.

Only now companies try to spin a commodity product into something special.

The majority of advertising has become noise, the majority of hype we don’t believe, most of the rest we just ignore.’s not an effective message when the only one believing it is the one telling it.

It’s like eating right or exercising— we know what has to be done. We know it’s good for us and yet we still sneak that chocolate bar whenever we can.

Struggling with incongruence is an issue everyone has at one point or another.

But when our words and actions don’t align, it makes everything else harder.

Avoiding the uncomfortable is a protection mechanism. It’s natural to be afraid of being vulnerable or of showing weakness.

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