2021 (On-going) | Family Vlog on Youtube

Family Vlog started in October 2021.

2022 | McNary Dam “The Series”

We made a 6-part mini-series of a project I filmmed across the Great Columbia River.

2022 | Transportation Sector Solutions (Construction)

Edited in Premiere Pro. 3D animation made in Blender.

2022 | Life Jacket Corrosion Protection Product (Construction)

3D animation made in Blender. 

2022 | Post Tension Products (Construction)

3D animation made in Blender. Layout created in Indesign then exported to Premiere Pro.

2022 | Construction Product

3D animation made in Blender. Videos were taken in Mcnary Dam, Oregon during my project visit in November 2021.

2022 | Equipment Foundation

3D animation created in Blender 3. Callout texts and motion tracking in Adobe After Effects. Music & SFX from artlist.io.

2021 | Mcnary Dam Site Visit

Personally visited the project site at the Oregon-Washington border.

Edited in Premiere Pro. 3D animation made in Blender. Quick illustration in Procreate (iPad). Music from artlist.io.

Cameras used: DJI Pocket 2, Sony A7C

2021 | Relocation

We recently moved from Dubai to Maryland, USA and created this short clip.

Originally posted here.

2021 | 30-Day Challenge

I recently concluded a personal 30-day challenge. I documented the journey in this short video.

Originally posted here.

2020 | DIY Standing Desk

Created this 1-minute quick guide on how I built my DIY Standing Desk. I created the intro graphics in Adobe Illustrator and made the 3D models in Blender.
For the audio, I used Behringer ZM8500 mic, plugged into Zoom H5 portable recorder, then connected the Zoom H5 directly to the laptop, and did the recording & a bit of processing in Adobe Audition.

Originally posted here.

2020 | Europe Trip

This is a joint project with my wife. She started learning video editing since we are mostly at home.

Originally posted here.

2020 | Spider Demolition

A quick edit of an already spectacular drone video.

2020 | Virtual Choir

I missed singing with the choir so I asked some friends back in my hometown if they are interested to do a virtual choir project—to help bring comfort during these challenging times (Covid-19).

I mixed the audio using Adobe Audition and edited the video on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Video originally posted here.

2020 | Safety Day Highlights

The gear I used here were DJI Osmo Mobile (1st gen) and iPhone 7 Plus (‘coz my Pixel 2 died a few months back!). One lesson learned was that at some point, iPhone cameras have a feature (perhaps just recently) that has a default of “High Efficiency” format which is a pain to edit in Premiere Pro. I had to create proxies which took time. So before you shoot using an iPhone, set the camera format to “Most Compatible”. Or you may want to use 3rd party apps like Filmic Pro.

2020 | Product Video

What’s something new I have added here are 3D renders which were exported from Blender.

2019 | Linkedin Promo Video

Here’s the actual Linkedin post.

2019 | Keona’s Journey to Year One

Originally posted HERE (March 2019)

2018 | Year End Company Event

During our year-end event on 16 Sep 2018, I took some videos with my Google Pixel 2 phone and DJI Osmo Mobile. My boss requested to make a short video from the clips I took. I spent about 2 hours editing this one. Nothing fancy. Just a quick on-the-beat cut of the videos and images. Got the free music from theartistunion.com.

2018 | Linkedin Promo Video (30 sec.)

The video’s storyline was targeted to Facility Managers.

2017 | Thailand Trip

Shot with iphone 7 and GoPro, and using DJI Osmo Mobile. Wrote a blog post about this video here.

Original video post

2017 | Company Seminar

We hosted a seminar in Dubai and this an interview of one of the speakers. I wrote a blog about the event videos here.

2017 | Celebrating Success

I was asked to create a short summary video of what has been achieved by our branch on the previous year.

2016 | Pre-Wedding Video

That’s me and my wife. My brothers were the videographers and I provided the direction and editing guidance.

Original post

2016 | App Overview Video

I was commissioned to do this animated video for a construction SASS platform.

Software used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator

2013 | Filmmaking Class Output

Spent the summer of 2013 teaching kids the basics of filmmaking and we had this output.

Watch some of the older movies we made:

I’m a Hero (2010)

Homerun (2009)