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To make a success of any strategy, you need to learn the fundamentals, the underlying principles and how to adjust the approach to suit your situation.

..too many businesses THINK they’re evolving.

The other choice is to be a little more strategic in your thinking. Ask yourself, what does each new generation of Internet marketing have in common? Then, having identified the connection, develop a core strategy that will continue to work, despite unforeseen changes, with only a few minor adjustments to your tactics.

Their primary focus is to serve the user and give them an experience they’ll keep coming back for. simply means that many people’s approach to SEO is the same as their approach to marketing in general: Short-term and opportunistic, rather than long-term and strategic.

..but it always starts by focusing first on your clients.

Never forget, Google doesn’t exist to serve businesses. Google exists to serve its users.

Focus on offering your customers and prospects a high-quality experience and then suddenly life becomes a lot easier. Best of all, as Google’s algorithm is refined, obtaining and retaining strong search engine rankings becomes easier, rather than progressively harder.

Take a few moments to review your company’s mission statement (you do have one, right?) and consider how much of your marketing is truly aligned with your primary objectives.

We help < insert target market and their problem > by < insert your solution > so that they can < insert your biggest benefit >.

We created a product, we ran a workshop, we recorded it and we uploaded snippets to YouTube.

Attention, Engagement & Trust

Authority Trumps Everything

“Authority Content is the act of consistently creating and distributing helpful information and stories to gain attention, engagement and trust, for a clearly defined audience, with the objective of identifying who will benefit from your products and services.”

Factor #1– Core Authority’s about understanding your target market’s problems and having the ability to articulate them better than they can.

Step one of Core Authority is having a depth of understanding and to truly know your market and the issues it faces.

Step two is about having a body of work to deliver that message.

Having a good amount of content, whether it’s emails, blog posts, videos, podcasts or any or all of the above, shows you’re more than a “fly by night, make a quick buck” operator.

Authorities have opinions, authorities educate, and authorities care about their community.

..starts with telling great stories. People in all cultures, engage with stories and it always surprises me that people don’t use this approach more.

Each authority factor carries a different weight. One endorsement from an existing authority, for example, could be worth ten times more points on your scoreboard than having a professionally- designed logo on your website’s homepage.

Never forget that our goal and motivation is to add value to people’s lives. We’re not going to simply create low-quality articles and rewrite them numerous times for the sake of it, hoping to pick up a few links and trying to fool Google.

We’re going to create truly great content, package it up into lots of different formats and share it with the people who need it most.

Authority Content lives in the intersection between great SEO and content marketing.

The fact is, start-up business owners often can’t afford a “done for you” service and would happily pay a smaller fee to attend a workshop and learn how to do this for themselves. Or pay a little less and receive a video recording of the workshop.

..success is sitting just outside of your comfort zone.

The content and theme of your workshop. Potential partners to participate. Possible venues and locations.

Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from. What were the biggest takeaways from today? What would you say to someone thinking of attending an event like this?

“Google search console”,

Fixing as much as you can, as well as you can, is what the goal should be.

Review Google’s Search Console service,

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