Analog is Not Going Away

James Bacarro

June 2, 2022

I always considered myself an Early Adopter of technology (referencing the 5 Stages of Technology Adoption).

But I somehow keep going back to analog.

Here are 3 personal examples:

  1. I often read on my Kindle because of its convenience, but I still keep buying paperback books. Nothing beats the smell and feel of real books.
  2. I’ve been using my iPad and Apple Pencil to take notes or review documents. Yet I still find it more satisfying to use real notebooks and pens, or print on paper the documents I’m reviewing.
  3. I’ve used digital platforms for brainstorming but recently found myself working with Post-It Notes & Sharpies.

There are areas in which I’m sure I’d prefer the digital way. Video editing, for instance. I can’t see myself spending hours cutting actual film strips. I’d try it for the experience though.

Having said that, it looks to me that analog (paper particularly) is here to stay.

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