3 Design Crimes New Marketers Often Commit

James Bacarro

June 1, 2022

Working as a marketer almost always often involves designing marketing pieces.

So here are the 3 crimes you would want to avoid:

#1. Distorting the image

Turning a rectangular image into a square just so it fits nicely in the layout (& vice versa)


#2. Using low-resolution image

..because it takes a ton of time trying to find the right image that has the right resolution.

Quick tip if you’ve run out of image options: Adobe now has a feature to enhance the resolution of your low-quality images.

#3. Using more than 3 typefaces in a single document/artwork

Yes, it’s so tempting to try a ton of fonts installed on your computer. That doesn’t mean you want to try everything.

It’s best to keep it to 2-3 typefaces.

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