24/7 Safety Habits

James Bacarro

June 1, 2022

I’ve been working in a construction firm for the past 9 years. One thing I always admire is that everyone’s Safety has always been the firm’s top priority.

After a day’s work, everyone has to go back home to their families the same way they left home.

Every employee, regardless of title, has the authority to stop the ongoing activities or call out anyone if they notice an unsafe condition, or if someone’s not wearing the proper PPE (personal protective equipment).

My favorite part of being a marketer on job sites is that I can comfortably call out anyone.. “Hey, I’m making a video of the work you’re doing, can you please make sure you wear your safety glasses?”.

Over the years exposed to this safety culture, it’s become part of my personal life as well.

Here are some safety habits I’ve acquired:

  • Using my phone while driving is a no-no
  • Seatbelts? Without fail!
  • Always on the lookout for safety hazards at home & everywhere I go:
    – Does the house fire alarm work?
    – Do my tires have proper air pressure?
    – If there’s a fire or other calamities, where’s the fastest exit route?
    – Is my daughter safe as she plays in this area?



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